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I create custom workout programs for you that are coached in the privacy of your own home. These sessions are designed around your goals and meant to promote lasting health improvements. For as long as I'm your coach, your training sessions will be well thought out, purposeful, and exciting.


No one is going to argue that losing weight isn't tough. I don't care what anyone says, there aren't any shortcuts. What I do know is that it is an easier process when someone has your back. Everyone responds differently to various weight loss strategies so let's figure out the one that works for you. 


I will help you create a fitness plan that is balanced and realistic to the way you live. I acknowledge that fitness is not the end all be all for most people. We all have lives to live and I won't be the one to tell you not to drink that cocktail or to never eat a burger again. Habits are not easily forged. It takes time, practice, and determination to consistently make healthy lifestyle choices. 


Free Consultation

Let's take 45 minutes and talk about you, your goals, and your health history!  

Complete Initial Assessment

We'll start with a thorough physical assessment that examines your vitals, walks through your kinetic chain, evaluates your range of motion, finds your current strength level, and estimates your cardio fitness level. Phew, that's a lot of exercise jargon! But, I promise these are useful things to know.

Custom Training Programs

Everyone has a different starting point, different goals in mind, and a different relationship with exercise. Your training program is personalized and will reflect this.

Comprehensive Workout Sessions Brought to You

What's better than going to the gym? How about having the gym come to you! I come prepared with all the equipment you could ever need to make your workouts fun, efficient, and impactful. Ditch the hassle of planning out gym time and allow me to morph into your schedule.

Nutrition Tips & Tools

Your body is only as good as the fuel you put into it. Throughout your fitness journey I'll be here to offer you nutritional advice and tactics to promote weight loss, maximize muscle efficiency, and live healthily.

Motivation & Accountability

As your coach, I'm here to push you to new heights and make it fun while doing so. Let me boost you up, because sometimes we all need a little extra accountability to reach the light at the end of the tunnel.

100% Full Access to Me

Whether you want to train 1 day a week or 6 days week, you are now my client. Got a burning question about the healthiest menu option? Wondering how to do an exercise properly? Curious about a new fitness fad? I'm here for you, and happy to help.


Built2Outlive utilizes a 4 week recurring session cycle that keeps clients committed, but not trapped. Clients may choose anywhere between 1-6 sessions each week and then commit to 4 weeks at that given frequency. This approach integrates seamlessly into Built2Outlive's weight loss replacement strategy and workout phasing system!


Sessions last 50 minutes and are priced at $85 + $10 travel fee. 1 on 1 sessions offer the highest degree of personalization and give clients the greatest opportunity for success.


Sessions last 50 minutes and are priced at $120 + $10 travel fee. Pick a friend or significant other and make health strides together! Although partner workouts are less tailored to the individual, they are still a highly effective avenue to achieving one's fitness aspirations.

Reach Out for a Free Initial Consultation

Like what you see? Get in touch to talk fitness and goals with Coach Mike. 

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